Blood Test Instructions

General Information


  • Please read these instructions carefully before you begin
  • Please don’t take your blood sample immediately after strenuous exercise
  • If you have any difficulty take your blood sample please contact customer service.
  • This is a blood sample kit for self-testing. Please ensure you fill all of the circles on your blood spot collection card.
  • Please note: We require at least 4 full circles to the outer edge to enable us to complete your testing.



  • Store this kit out of reach of children
  • This kit is for use of people aged over 2 years; under 16s should be supervised by an adult
  • If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult your doctor before using this kit.
  • If you suffer from a congenital or acquired blood-clotting disorder or are taking anticoagulant medication, please consult your doctor before using this kit.
  • The included lancets are exclusive for your own use.

Do not use this kit if you suffer from a blood-borne contagious illness such as hepatitis or HIV.

1. Please fill out the blood submission form with the required details. You will need to return this form with your blood submission.
2. Open the blood spot card. Fold the paper back to reveal the collection paper. Do not touch the sample area.
3. Hold your hand under warm water for at least one minute to stimulate blood circulation then carefully dry your hand with a towel.
4. Stand up and swing your arm around in a circular motion 5-10 times, with your arm fully extended if possible. This helps stimulate blood circulation. Continue standing until you’ve finished taking your sample, if possible.
5. Remove the provided disinfectant cloth from its film and use it to disinfect the entire tip of your index or middle finger. Wait approximately 15 seconds for your finger to dry
TIP: your middle finger is usually the most suitable
6. Hold the lancet horizontally. Rotate the yellow protective cover one full turn then carefully remove it
CAUTION: Do not use a lancet with a loose or missing protective cover
7. Important: The lancets will only work once. Place your hand on a stable surface. Hold the lancet diagonally against the tip of your selected finger. Press firmly with your thumb on the yellow button.
8. Keep your hand horizontal at hip height (while standing at the edge of a table, for example) and massage your finger from the palm of the hand to the finger tip until blood droplets form.
9. Hold onto the base of the collection card to prevent it from moving. Allow blood to drip onto each of the circles, filling each one fully. Ensure you do not touch the collection paper.
10. Once you have filled the five circles, slightly bend the collection card away from the cover to allow air to flow beneath the blood spot collection card. Leave on a flat surface to dry. Please allow 5-10 minutes for you sample to dry.
11. After collection your blood sample, press the swab firmly against the location of the bleeding to stem the blood flow.
12. When the bleeding begins to slow, apply the plaster to the puncture.
13. When the sample is dry, fold the cover over the sample and tuck into the bottom flap.
14. Place your completed dried blood spot collection card into the enclosed return envelope with your completed details card. Close the envelope carefully and immediately post it back to our lab.
15. Place the used equipment parts in the provided clear plastic bags. Dispose of them in your household waste.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at
[email protected]